The Hub has the following main objectives:

  • To support the development of a new generation of Public services to citizens and businesses, with knowledge, resources and infrastructure.
  • To enrich the ecosystem of Digital Transformation actors.
  • To facilitate innovation in Public Administration, transforming it into a large innovation creator, buyer and investor.


It will act as a virtual GOVtech Lab that can develop fast, innovative and cost-effective digital solutions through agile and efficient “borderless” collaborations among the public and private sectors, the civil society and academia. A sandbox environment will be developed around the Single Digital Portal for Public Services

This rapid development approach will augment the transformation of the public sector as a space open to co-creation, experimentation, and innovation as described in the EU and OECD (Fostering Innovation in the Public Sector) top priorities. At the same time, it ensures the optimal cooperation with all stakeholders for the successful implementation and adoption of the final results by the public administration.