The services

The digiGOV-innoHUB will offer an essential assortment of services, the core of which are summarized as follows:

  • Test before invest:
  1. DigiGOV lab, an experimentation and testing environment for public organizations, SMEs, researchers and citizens to develop potential services, experiment with emerging technologies to address current and future challenges, and showcase prototypes of innovative digital public services, utilizing Advanced ICT infrastructures, Product and Service design support, BPMN modelling, Digital maturity and TRL assessments
  2. Small and Medium Scale Pilot design and coordination for SMEs and public organizations; in cooperation with regional and public authorities


  • Enhancement of digital skills through the design and development of targeted training programs using physical and virtual instructional approaches, which will include:
  1. Α MiniMBA quick course on digital government and public service
  2. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) on various topics of e-government and innovation management in cooperation with the National Centre for Public Administration & Local Government – EKDDA, in addition to the utilization and enrichment of the National Digital Academy initiative;
    (c) provision of specialized digital skills development seminars


  • Support in funding and investments through:
  1. DigiGOV Agora, a virtual digital marketplace, where needs could be matched with innovative solutions starting from the basic assessment steps and going up the scale to RFI – RFP procedures
  2. Investor readiness webinars, pitching events with VCs and business angels
  3. Business plan development support of SMEs/ young entrepreneur


  • Development of an innovation ecosystem and facilitate networking through:
  1. Α digital platform for the design, development and sharing of solutions based on open standards and open source implementations for public administrations, businesses and citizens
  2. Organization of Design Thinking workshops targeted at the workforce of the public sector for idea generation and co-development of innovative digital public services
  3. Annual bootcamps on various e-government related challenges.


The Hub will operate as a new virtual decentralized organization, with Headquarters at GRNET and centers of activity at its founding partners facilities. It will be managed by a competent Management Team and will be supported by a Strategy Committee/Advisor Board with the participation of the Strategic Partners and Key Beneficiaries. It will follow the Open Governance principle, with continuous consultation with the various actors of the ecosystem.